Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Charlottesville Route 29 Bypass awfulness

The proposed Charlottesville Route 29 bypass is now taking bids from developers, and VDOT is denying them information for accurate quotes. Are they doing this to steer the bid toward particular cozy construction firms?

The real awfulness and absurdity of this project is clear to me.
  1. It will have almost no observable impact on the actual traffic on Route 29. An expert study shows that the vast majority of traffic on Route 29 is local. This issue is best addressed by upgrading local alternative routes for users. 
  2. The bypass will permanently degrade beautiful Charlottesville environs, and accelerate its decline into another hideous Northern-Virginia-style soulless suburban outpost.

It makes my heart sick when people care so little for their surroundings. This project does nothing whatsoever for Charlottesville, and does much to harm it. What more can be done to convince our representatives and the citizens to oppose it?

Western Bypass From South Interchange to North Interchange from Charlottesville Tomorrow on Vimeo.