Sunday, December 5, 2010

Knife of Dreams

Knife of Dreams is much better than Winter's Heart or Crossroads of Twilight. Stuff happens in spite of Jordan’s usual foot-dragging, boring mental landscapes, and scene-killing clothing descriptions.
My favorite scene: Egwene mastering the situation as a prisoner of the Tower, converting the novices to her side, coping with the pain of punishment, drawing on her considerable inner resources, defying expectations, using her Aiel education. I thought that part of the book was especially well-paced and dramatized.
I’ve become more tolerant of Nynaeve, and more appreciative of her role as a source of amusement. Elayne, however, is an idiot, who succeeds in spite of herself. The Perrin/Faile separation was a trial in ways the author didn’t fully intend, and in the end the reader is relieved that THAT’s over. I was disappointed at the way RJ disposed of Rolan, but what would one expect from the Forsaken (e.g., Jordan.)
The buildup to Perrin's attack on the Shaido was a dreary, dull, drawn-out affair (as are most scenes.) I'm sorry, but that's not how one builds drama and tension, that's "frittering the time away and annoying the readers" or something like that.
I'm very much looking forward to seeing what Sanderson does in The Gathering Storm.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shameless promo of

Stooping to brutal marketing tactics, promises Brandon Sanderson fans that social networking promotion of Adonalsium will improve their chances to win Sanderson books. I'm happy to oblige, although I draw the line at Facebook.

Note that you do have to register for their Drupal forum in order to fill out the giveaway form.

Cool stuff: free download of Warbreaker! Kindle owners can convert this PDF to Kindle format, hooray! (Sigh... I already bought a paperback.)

It's easy to follow them on Twitter, too.

I wonder if the discussion forums are worth reading?