Sunday, November 7, 2010

Join tracks in ITunes

If you imported an audiobook CD to ITunes but didn't join the tracks when you imported, there is a solution.

Doug's Applescripts for ITunes will allow you to select a set of tracks (AAC or MP3) and join them into a single file. This is a great help for audiobooks, because there's no reason to have 99 tracks in an audio book. If you have several audiobooks in this condition, they're a holy mess to navigate in your IPod: 26 CDs of 99 tracks each? Try scrolling to the end or beginning of that list and see what I mean. This is a nightmare because my IPod Nano doesn't have a convenient album cover style browse feature for books.

In addition to the Join Together script, you will need to install QuickTime 7. There are instructions for that on the information and download page linked above. QT7 can coexist peacefully with later versions.

Be sure to review the help, available from the Help link in Join Together. Encode spoken audio as m4b.

The basic version is free, and the full-featured Join Together Plus is available for $7.

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