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Wheel of Time Online Resources

This material was first published on Dreams & Speculation: Winter's Heart Mid-month Discussion.

Here are some valuable Wheel of Time online resources. My list is necessarily incomplete, because there is so much material available. Please add links to your favorite sites in the comments.

Can't keep up with a Wheel of Time read-through?

Not to worry! Hop on to one of the read-through summary sites below, to get acquainted with the books you missed, and you’ll be ready to start on this month’s book, and join in the discussion. I assure you, you’ll be just fine. Only those masochistic enough to want to savor every word — you know who you are — will feel that they’ve missed something. Many of us are eager to find out what Brandon Sanderson does with the completion of the Wheel of Time. If you can read a few of Jordan’s novels, you’ll be able to better appreciate Sanderson’s accomplishment.

Please note that websites are ephemeral. Wheel of Time fan sites are disappearing faster than they are appearing as the series nears completion, and as fans move beyond their enthusiasms. Many of the sites, even if they exist, have broken links and server errors because they are no longer maintained.

Read-throughs and synopses of the Wheel of Time novels

Foremost among these, for its depth, wit, and authority:
Leigh Butler’s Wheel of Time Re-read on Tor, the WoT publisher
Superbly, entertainingly written. Relatively spoiler-free if you don’t read the comments.

If that’s too long for you, try the solely plot-focused Wheel of Time Summary
Click the characters in the right column to see where they appear in the books and chapters. When I checked, the rest of that site had gone offline just days ago. Thanks to Google cache you can still see some of the other pages, but the summary is the meat.

If you want just a little more detail, try the Enyclopaedia WoT chapter summaries for each book
Warning: To avoid spoilers, do not read the notes, just read the summary.

A few personal and critical read-throughs that don’t summarize plot

Brandon Sanderson’s selective thoughts
Peer inside the mind of the author

Adam Roberts’ acerbic read-through
Science fiction author criticizes the writing style and structure. Stay away if you’re a Robert Jordan lover!

The Thirteenth Depository blog read-through
Multiple erudite contributors

You’re ready to go deep… very deep

You want more? Down the rabbit-hole with you!

Start with the Wheel of Time FAQ, by Leigh Butler and multiple authors

No fan of Wheel of Time can miss the Encyclopaedia WoT
I especially like the obsessively mapped point-of-view plot diagram for each book.
You will spend many hours poring over arcane tomes of lore, young padawan.

The Thirteenth Depository Wheel of Time Reference Library
Well-written articles by several contributors


A Compendium of Weaponry and Military Costuming of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, revision 7.1
A labor of passion by Paul Postuma

The Wheel of Time Online Communities

No list is complete without the ultimate Wheel of Time community, Dragonmount
News, forums, gallery, FAQ

Facebook! 62,386 people like this.

Wheel of Time message board
Taking up the banner from the defunct wotmania website.

The pure passion of fan sites

The White Tower

The Black Tower
Turn off annoying auto-play music by blocking the big .swf flash image top-center if you have ad-block for Firefox or Chrome. I suppose this is consistent with the character and manners of Asha’man.

Stonedog’s WoT page
No longer updated, but it was one of the most popular in its day.

For the hardcore: fan fiction

Dragon’s Library
I find it hard to read white text on black background, don’t you?
Massive, ugly site, well organized, nice options to adjust text format, for reading ease.

Beyond: The Wheel of Time game

The Wheel of Time MUD (multi-user dungeon)
Authorized by Robert Jordan

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Leslie A. added these links in her comment on my mirrored post at Dreams & Speculation:

Dragonmount has an archive of Robert Jordan’s blog, if you’re interested in searching it for tidbits.

Steven Cooper’s Chronology of the Wheel of Time is very useful–especially in reminding long time readers that events we’ve waited years for have actually happened within days of each other (damn those long publishing waits!)

Ideal Seek will help you narrow down how many times a word has been used in WoT… oddly useful, but I don’t think this site has been updated for The Gathering Storm.

Theoryland is another great fan community.

And there *is* a WoT Wiki out there.

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