Sunday, September 5, 2010

Solutions to missing Home/End keypad keys on Macbook

Do you ever want to quickly navigate to the beginning or end of a Word document on your Macbook?

Do you find yourself missing the old Home and End shortcut keys that are on the keypad of full size keyboards?

The keyboard commands are fn-Command-right arrow and fn-Command-left arrow.

If you said, "Man, that is so not intuitive," you have a couple of options.
  1. You can use a two-step keyboard sequence, recommended by lefthander57 on this thread:
just hit Cmd-A, "Select All," then hit a left or up arrow key to go to the beginning, or a down or right arrow key to go to the end.
  1. If you like to use the up and down arrows for that navigation in Word, try Daiya's suggestion:
If the problem is specifically in Word, there are commands in Tools > Customize Keyboard that can be assigned to custom shortkeys. Rather hidden, though.

in Word, Tools > Customize Keyboard, click on All Commands in the left column, tab to the right column, and keyboard navigate to the commands:


This lets me assign cmd-up arrow and cmd-down arrow, which I can hit with one hand (unlike using the fn key).

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