Friday, August 20, 2010

Duplex printing for Brother HL-2170W laser printer on Mac OS X

I've been disappointed with this printer's lack of at least manual duplexing: you know the routine, print even pages, flip paper, refeed in the right direction, print odd pages. I use the same printer on my Windows bootcamp/VM, and that driver has a nice set of instructions and pictures, showing the user how to feed the paper in easy steps.

Anyway, after another stint of research, I found out where this is accomplished in the Mac OS X driver.

How to print duplex on Brother HL-2170W printer on Mac OS X

In short, the even/odd pages setting is under Paper Handling, not Layout.

Manual duplex printing from the paper tray
  1. Choose "Print" from the File menu and open the Print dialogue.
  2. Choose the "Paper Handling" option in the Presets.
  3. Choose "Even numbered pages" and click on Print.
  1. After the even pages are printed, remove them from the output tray, flip over the paper and place back into the paper tray, so that the printed pages face up, with the bottom edge first.
  2. Again choose the "Paper Handling" option in the Presets as you did in the Step 2.
  3. Choose "Odd numbered pages" and click on Print.


  1. Thanks, So Helpful!

  2. Thank you. I opened pdfs in preview and it was a little different from your screenshots... but I still figured it out. This would be the only bad point about this printer imo.

  3. Thank you! Saved a lot of paper for huge PDF printing!