Wednesday, June 16, 2010

As liberal democracies decline into fascism...

I love this Daily Show.

What more can I say?

Well, since you asked, I'll try to be succinct:

Democracy requires an informed, educated, active, healthy and nourished population. As our newspapers and new outlets succumb to journalistic mediocrity and underfunding, there is a natural tendency for journalists to collaborate with corporate and government interests in controlling information and the cultural narratives. It is the most basic aspect of human nature to cower before authority, to seek protection and guidance from leaders. The challenging of authority and questioning of the accepted world-view is a perilous undertaking and usually regarded as a threat of the highest order. That, my dears, is why Socrates was put to death.

As people become less educated and informed, they become easy subjects for manipulation by those who wish to exert power and control. The means of that control is to use fear to encourage citizens to willingly surrender their freedoms and rights. You can read Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine to see how cataclysmic events and engineered false flag operations are used by governments and autocrats to grab control.

Remember that the ones who are trying to control the nation usually believe that they act in the interests of the Good. They are the keepers of Virtue. And they are also the economic elite who control the vast majority of the wealth of the nation, whose interest in power is to protect their situation and increase their wealth. By most measures, we see in America an increasing concentration of wealth in the top 10%, and that bodes ill for democracy. The only counterbalance to these interests is Democracy, and the conditions necessary for it are fading fast.

I hope to write more in detail on this topic. I'm deeply discouraged about the United States.

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