Sunday, April 25, 2010

Find hidden files in Mac OSX 10.6 Finder

Inspired by Pat Durr's screen capture movie.

My first recording! My first YouTube video!

For my Quicktime recording, I resized my screen to 640x480 for a form factor more agreeable for this narrow blog.

I used Squared 5's MPEG Streamclip for Mac — the beta version was needed to make an MPEG-4 that is visible to YouTube — to downsize it further. I think I need a wider theme if I'm going to embed videos here.


  1. really thrilling, big sister.

  2. Hi,
    I'm new in Mac Os X world so this little feature was impossible for me and I thought "I can believe it !".
    Now, thanks to you, I can search my whole Mac.


  3. Thank you. This was immensely helpful. Using OS X 10.6 on a locked down computer at work I needed to delete all of my .svn folders. I was not having any luck using the Terminal to recursively delete those files. This did the trick.

  4. Yes, I remember having to delete some .svn files to fix a subversion problem that resulted from something that I did... can't remember right now what it was.