Sunday, April 25, 2010

Show full path in Finder menu bar in OS X

If you like to see the full path to the active folder in the Finder menu bar, enter this in a terminal window:

defaults write _FXShowPosixPathInTitle -bool YES
killall Finder

killall Finder will relaunch the Finder with the changes.

Find hidden files in Mac OSX 10.6 Finder

Inspired by Pat Durr's screen capture movie.

My first recording! My first YouTube video!

For my Quicktime recording, I resized my screen to 640x480 for a form factor more agreeable for this narrow blog.

I used Squared 5's MPEG Streamclip for Mac — the beta version was needed to make an MPEG-4 that is visible to YouTube — to downsize it further. I think I need a wider theme if I'm going to embed videos here.

View/hide hidden Mac OSX files in finder

View hidden files in finder:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool TRUE
killall Finder

change to FALSE to hide hidden files.

killallFinder will restart the finder.

You need this if you do any kind of development work on your Mac! This is the best method.