Wednesday, June 3, 2009

SitePoint Mega Menus: my incarnation

Got a great approach to menus from the SitePoint MegaMenu post.

ugh, I wanted to share some code, but looks like code tags are verboten here. I really need to make myself a decent blog.


Well, the javascript shows up, sans whitespace indenting, so here you go: (of course you also need the hoverIntent plugin for jquery -- read the article!)

function addMega(){


function removeMega(){


var megaConfig = {    
interval: 200,
sensitivity: 4,
over: addMega,
timeout: 500,
out: removeMega


// need this jquery plugin for IE6 to solve Z-index issues.

I can verify that it works great in FireFox, Safari 3 and even IE6.

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